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Abrasive backings

Discover the greatest choice of top-quality abrasive backings : wet or dry paper and composite bases. Learn all about The A Solution²' services and expertise tailored to the coated abrasive industry and explore The Be Solution for differentiated sandpapers.

Are you a printer looking for  black heat-resistant paper solutions with high surface quality? A fiber-glass mesh producer looking for black stay-flat protection? Or a resinoid bonded cutting off and grinding wheels producers wishing to secure the supply-chain and willing to work on innovation as colours or security devices ?


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Paper-making in Arches, France, started in 1492. Since then we have constantly developed our fiber-based products - and we are not stopping. We, at Ahlstrom-Munksjö, are committed to innovation. Our Abrasive Backing materials are top-of-the-line.

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To help abrasive professionals overcome persistent problems and boost the performance of their products, we will organize Experts Coffee Break sessions

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