LabSorb™ Surface protection paper

LabSorb™ Surface protection paper

LabSorb™ Surface protection paper
Double-layered surface protection for benches and working areas protection.
  • Double-layered surface for ideal absorption and surface protection
  • Does not inhibit stability of bottles or tubes
  • Easy recovery of dry spills
  • Possibility of treatment with disinfectants

Ahlstrom-Munksjö LabSorb™ coated paper is a double-layered surface paper protecting benches and working areas from spilled chemicals, corrosive materials and toxic, infectious or radioactive substances.

Spills are quickly absorbed into the surface layer of cellulose material and prevented from penetrating to the surface of the work bench by a thin coating of polyethylene that serves as a carrier for the absorbent layer.

As LabSorb™ surface is smooth and firm, it does not inhibit the stability of bottles or tubes. These properties also allow recovery of dry spills. Furthermore, the soft character of the carrier material lowers the risk of breaking glass. Liquid samples can be recovered by washing the absorbed spill from the inert surface with the appropriate buffer.

LabSorb™ papers can be treated with disinfectants for use in clinical laboratories to prevent biological contamination. They are also suitable for lining chemical storage areas. Trays and experimental animal cages.

Two layer surface protection:

  • Layer 1: Top layer consists of highly absorbent cellulose to quickly capture any spills
  • Layer 2: Bottom layer is an impermeable polyethylene coating that prevents contamination of the covered surface
Basis Weight (g/m²) Water Absorption (%) Characteristics
140-161.5 150 Highly absorbent
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