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Multipurpose paper backings (Green Line)

Paper backings designed for abrasive application
Consistent quality recognized by the market
Wide range, with options to bring value to your products
A DIY and PRO Line
Multipurpose paper backings (Green Line)
Our Green Line gathers abrasive paper backings for multipurpose applications, let It be for do-it-yourself (DIY) or professional channels (PRO).

Green Line Papers fit the needs of both the DIY use with a competitive alternative to low-end backings (DIY) as well as industrial applications with papers having high levels of technicity and features (PRO). Thanks to their consistent quality and tailored abrasive design, Green Line products are clearly an asset to set an additional value on the shelf and to satisfy the high demand of the professionals users. 

  • Paper backings designed for abrasive with regular and homogeneous sheet formation
  • High-efficiency thanks to consistent and reliable quality recognized by the market
  • A set of products with various cohesion and barrier levels
  • For coarse to very fine grits
  • Solutions for any make-coat systems
  • Various dimensional stability and tear resistance options
  • Different weight, smoothness, and colors available as standards
  • Compatible with The Be Solution offer
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