Abrasive backings

Saturating abrasive paper backings (Yellow Line)

Different structures and porosity level to control your impregnation process
Different level of wet strength to match the final market requirements
Adapted surface from coarse to fine grits
Saturating abrasive paper backings (Yellow Line)
Our Yellow Line gathers wet-resistant papers requiring an additional impregnation step before the maker transformation before becoming fully waterproof.

The Yellow Line is composed by papers requiring an additional impregnation step before the maker transformation. Once impregnated the Yellow Line papers are a competitive alternative to latex papers and are performant backings for manual sanding in wet or dry conditions.

  • Specifically designed for abrasive application
  • Various porosity structure to adjust impregnation speed and control the quantity of absorption depending on the different resin and oil types
  • Quality consistency for a controlled and optimized consumption
  • Emphasized  wet strength resistance available as an option
  • Good internal bond of the paper
  • Regular and homogeneous sheet formation
  • Smooth surface for fine grit applications
  • Colored paper with high consistency and better aspect after impregnation, compared to kraft papers
  • Compatible with The Be Solution offer
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