Short-term DNA preservation cards

Short-term DNA preservation cards

Short-term DNA preservation cards

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GenCollect™ and GenCollect™ 2.0 specimen collection cards are available in a variety of formats with 1, 2 o 4 spots for collection, to better accommodate your sampling requirements. Design is also customizable according to your needs.

The cards are suitable for a wide range of applications including:

  • Genotyping
  • Forensics
  • Paternity tests

GenCollect™ and GenCollect™ Color are chemical free, designed for efficient extraction and purification of DNA for downstream PCR amplification and genotyping analysis (STR, NGS).

GenCollect™ 2.0 and GenCollect™ Color 2.0 are chemically treated, lysing cells and preserving biosamples from microbiological contamination. They provide fast processing through direct PCR amplification.


Key features


  • Simple collection
  • Nucleid acids stabilization for short-term ambient storage
  • Cost and time saving in DNA purification
  • Customized and ready-to-use biosample collection cards


GenCollect™ and GenCollect™ 2.0, in a white format, are recommended for easily identifiable samples, including whole blood.

GenCollect™ Color and GenCollect™ Color 2.0, in a pink format, are useful for clear samples, including urine, saliva and buccal cells.


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