Air oil Separation

Air oil Separation

Air oil Separation
For contaminant-free compressed air

Compressed air is an essential utility in industry. It is widely used in multiple applications; as a process fluid, for aeration purposes, to provide energy, to protect equipment and people.  

Delivering clean, oil-free compressed air is important to guarantee low maintenance of downstream systems, but becomes critical in sensitive sectors such as food, pharma or medical.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö AOS portfolio offers complete solutions for both:
Primary filtration stage when the purpose is to separate and recycle oil guaranteeing optimal performance of the compressor.
Secondary filtration stage when the purpose is to provide the right quality of air, even for most demanding industries.


- Superior coalescing efficiency for cleaner air at low pressure drop; energy savings and extended filter life time

- Complete range of efficiency, oil and water repellency to meet all customer requirements

- Broad chemical compatibility

- Extensive lamination capabilities allowing the addition of protective screen to improve processing behavior without compromising performances for wrapped and pleated filter designs

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