HVAC and High Efficiency Air filter media

The Be Solution, to Be different

Supports your abrasive launch, brand or special events
Increases value of your coated abrasive through marketing features
Boosts innovation on the market
Protects your brand with unique features and technical differentiation
The Be Solution, to Be different
Are you looking to get customized and innovative coated abrasives ? Then The Be Solution is an offer designed for you. With its four pillars (Creative Design, Security Devices, Colors and Imagine Fibers) you will find many ways to create original abrasive sandpapers.

Differentiation is the watchword for The Be Solution: Four components Creative Design, Security Devices, Colours and Imagine Fiber can be applied to The A Solution² paper backing range in order to create innovative sandpapers that will reflect our customer's image.  What for ?

  • Make the most of colors and printings to give a boost to your abrasive launch, your brand or a special event
  • Be different and help your customers to make the best choice and use of your sandpaper.
  • Increase the value your abrasive papers through marketing and merchandising operations in the DIY market.
  • Set up your own R & D projects through our dedicated centers to create innovative sandpapers and lead the market. 
  • Gain a foothold in fashion-oriented markets such as cosmetics with ready-to-use original abrasive paper bases .
  • Protect your brand and avoid losing sales due to counterfeiting with a technical-oriented product
  • Give fine grit abrasives a better look


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