HVAC and High Efficiency Air filter media

HVAC and High Efficiency Air filter media

Complete range of mechanical efficiency available – from coarse to U17 (EN1822)
Proprietary Trinitex® technology offering unique solutions to specific segments
Proven ability to customize – using extensive and demonstrated know-how
HVAC and High Efficiency Air filter media
Purifying air, protecting personal health and comfort

Quality of air in buildings is a major public health problem and an important safety
parameter when referring to production processes. Ahlstrom-Munksjö filtration media
for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) applications, protect people
and processes from harmful pollutants in ambient air, reducing the risk of airborne
contamination and increasing the comfort of life.


Our product portfolio has significantly expanded and now covers a full product offering, both for HVAC and High Efficiency Air Applications.


Glass HVAC: A complete range of glass micro fiber media, from coarse to ePM1
rating (ISO 16890), with excellent filtration performance. Now served from three
manufacturing sites in EMEA.

Molecular HVAC: Our portfolio is dedicated to applications where odors and VOC’s
need to be removed from the ambient air. Up to 400 gsm of activated carbon and
excellent pleatablity.


Trinitex® HVAC: Unique Trinitex® based product offering with high synthetic content. Delivering low pressure drop, high dust holding capacity and superior mechanical resistance, even in wet conditions.


Glass HEA: A complete range of Glass micro fiber media covering EPA/HEPA/
ULPA efficiencies, with outstanding filtration performance. Proven ability to customize to meet most demanding market needs.


Extia® HEA: A new range of full synthetic / glass-free filtration media delivering excellent durability, high and permanent particulate efficiency (H13 & H14, EN1822:2009) and lower pressure drop.  An ideal choice for most demanding applications including clean rooms and environments requiring a high protection of people and systems against ultrafine particles and all microorganisms.


The benefits of Ahlstrom-Munksjö HVAC and HEA product offering:

  • Complete range of mechanical efficiency available – from coarse to U17 (EN1822).
  • Wide technological know-how enabling unique filter media design - from full glass
    to full synthetic, from single to multiple layer construction.
  • Proprietary Trinitex® technology offering unique solutions to specific segments –
    molecular filtration, media durability, improved pleatability.
  • Proven ability to customize – using extensive and demonstrated know-how.
  • Expanded production platform – delivering security of supply and flexibility, through three manufacturing sites in EMEA.
  • Extensive reach – through the global presence of Ahlstrom–Munsksjö.


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