Quick Service Restaurant & Food Service papers

Quick Service Restaurant & Food Service papers

Excellent heat and grease resistant
Great converting aptitudes: glueability, printability, lamination, corrugation
Available in natural, bleached, blended finishes
Complying with local food contact regulations (BfR/FDA)
Quick Service Restaurant & Food Service papers
Grease and heat resistant papers for fast food packaging such as hamburger packaging, French fries paper bags or others greasy-food wrapping papers

Our wide range of sustainable grease resistant packaging papers fits the evolving needs of Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and Food Service packaging manufacturers and brand owners.

Versatile, grease-resistant packaging paper

Our wide offering of eco-friendly paper-based solutions is available with various grease resistance levels and basis weights. Our Servera® papers for QSR are available in natural, bleached or blended finishes.

 Examples of Applications

  • Hamburger packaging
  • French fry paper bags
  • Sandwich wrap or clamshell
  • Corrugated pizza delivery boxes
  • Ovenable trays or to go bags

Servera® and Grease-Gard® FluoroFree® papers ensures greasy-food integrity

Our Servera® product range meets the needs of the evolving and consumer-driven QSR market. Servera® QSR grease-resistant paper is a sustainable solution that offers a wide range of end-use options, ensuring food integrity, from preparation until consumption.

Our papers are designed to deliver outstanding grease resistance without the use of fluorochemicals (PFAS). From fast food bags and sandwich wraps to clamshells, our Grease-Gard® FluoroFree® products are designed with performance, sustainability, and the next generation in mind with grease-resistance suitable for all QSR applications.

Find out more about our Fluorofree® and other supporting technologies here.

Servera® products are available with OK compost HOME and OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification. This certification makes the process easier for our customers who wish to get the OK Compost labels for their finished product.

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