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Wound care

Wound care

Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers a complete line of nonwovens specifically engineered to be used as a base material for several wound care products, such as microporous tape, absorbent pads, and compression bandages.

Our versatile range meets all your requirements, giving you flexibility and peace of mind.  As you would expect from the leading supplier to the industry, our products are manufactured to the highest standards. 



  • Microporous tape: fully customizable for any type of adhesive, with several release treatments and colors available.  No linting during processing, conformable, hypoallergenic and hand tearable.
  • Compression bandages: customizable to desired product designs and end-user requirements.  Soft to the touch, contributes to proper distribution of compression over the entire bandaged surface.
  • Absorbent pads: Highly absorbent, skin friendly and easy to laminate with a film.


>> Nonwovens for Microporous tape 

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