Abrasive backings

Wound care

Wound care

Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers a complete line of nonwovens specifically engineered to be used as a base material for several wound care products, such as undercast paddings, wound dressings, surgical tape and dressing pads. 

Our versatile range meets all your requirements, giving you flexibility and peace of mind. As you would expect from the leading supplier to the industry, our products are manufactured to the highest standards. 


  • Undercast padding: Soft material, easy to tear
  • Wound dressings: Especially suitable for large postoperative dressings, excellent stretch, skin friendly
  • Surgical tape: Microporous, multiple release treatments, hypoallergenic
  • Dressing pads: Highly absorbent, easy to laminate with a film 


  • Undercast padding: Needlepunch technology based on viscose, polyester or viscose/polyester blends
  • Wound dressings: Spunlace technology based on polyester or viscose/polyester blends
  • Surgical tape: Wet-laid technology, various release treatments
  • Dressing pads: Needlepunch technology based on viscose or viscose/polyester blends.
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