Mold Resistance Technology

Mold Resistance Technology

Mold and mildew resistance
Multiple applications including construction, personal care and more
Can be combined with flame, water, grease & oil or heat resistance
Available in Bleached, trulyNatural®, and a variety of colors
Mold Resistance Technology
Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s Mold-Shield™ mold-resistant papers are designed to flex for every application and meet the needs of continuously changing regulations in the construction industry and other end-use applications.



Resistance and Durability

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s Mold-Shield™ mold-resistant papers provide support in the areas of energy efficiency and improved durability & longevity for your products.

Mold-Shield™ mold and mildew resistance technology can be utilized in addition to additional surface treatments including Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s Flame-Gard™ flame resistance, water resistance, grease & oil resistance, and heat resistance. 

Find out more about our Flame-Gard® here.



  • Building & Construction applications – interior walls, attics and ceilings (insulation facing, ceiling beams, interior panels, exterior siding, Gypsum joint tape, ceiling tile backers)
  • Filtration media – evaporative cooling, desiccant pouches
  • Home applications – cutting boards, countertops/tables, flooring backer, furniture
  • Horticulture/floral applications
  • Personal care industry (i.e. soap wrapper, soap boxes)



  • trulyNatural®: Find out more about the trulyNatural® technology here.
  • Bleached
  • Colors
  • Blend
  • Pre or Post Consumer Recycled


Paper Finish

  • MF – Machine Finish
  • MG - Machine Glazed
  • Crepe
  • XKL® - Extensible


Discover our products made with the Mold-Shield™ technology:


Ahlstrom-Munksjö uses fiber from responsible and legal sources and all products qualify for Chain of Custody Forestry Credits and Certification.

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