Seed testing papers

Latex paper backings (Blue Line)

Durability thanks to excellent cohesion and tear resistance
Various level of flexibility
Stability and anticurl solutions for efficient conversion and sanding
Water-resistant papers for dry or wet sanding conditions
Latex paper backings (Blue Line)
Our Blue Line gathers pre-impregnated and coated latex papers for wet (BlueWET) or dry (BlueDRY) applications.

From the early steps to super-finishing, the Blue Line includes latex saturated and coated abrasive papers. They can be customized with various options to meet the best combination of flexibility, durability (tear resistance & cohesion), stability and water-resistance requirements for high performance during wet or dry sanding with sheets, discs, narrow belts, and other niche applications. 

  • One of the most extensive ranges of consistent latex-impregnated solutions to meet all market needs and guarantee high-quality abrasive
  • Increased lifetime thanks to reduced delamination (very high cohesion) and good grit adhesion
  • Various flexibility and tear resistance solutions for DRY applications
  • Various wet strength  and dimensional stability solutions for WET applications
  • Premium anticurl and tear resistance options
  • Backside antislip treatment options, to prevent process or sanding slipping issues
  • Solutions for any make-coat systems
  • Surfaces adapted to all grit sizes, including the finest ones
  • A large choice of standard color and various surfaces, basis weights and smoothness
  • Compatible with The Be Solution offer
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