Hydraulic Filter Media

Hydraulic Filter Media

Hydraulic Filter Media
Ahlstrom-Munksjö hydraulic filter media delivers optimal and reliable filtration performance for industrial, mobile and aerospace applications.

Keeping hydraulic fluid contaminant-free, reducing maintenance and preventing failures of the fluid power system.


  • Very high filtration efficiency, delivering optimal ratio between particulate removal and pressure drop for the best protection of the fluid power system.
  • Advance glass microfiber 3D structure with excellent mechanical stability, enhanced consistency and high temperature resistance.
  • Gradient dual layer media delivering up to 60% higher dust holding capacity, extending filter change intervals.
  • Extensive flexibility and state-of-the-art capability to laminate protective scrim for improved mechanical and processing 

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Glass Hydraulic portfolio offers a complete range of solutions:

  • Single-layer thin glass microfiber media and dual-layer alternative for extended dust holding capacity.
  • Wide range of lamination configuration and materials to simplify pleating process at our customers.
  • Dissipative surface treatment preventing build-up of static changes on the media for increased safety.
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