Viral protection
Laser resistant
Chemical and chemo drug repellent
Highly absorbent for fluid management
TrustShield™, a versatile product portfolio of medical fabrics that can be used to provide protection against surgical lasers, chemicals and potent chemotherapy drugs.

Whether you’re a health care worker in a surgical environment where lasers are being used, or in an clinical environment mixing potent chemotherapy drugs or chemicals, Ahlstrom-Munksjö has you covered with TrustShield™.

TrustShield™ offers a comprehensive product portfolio that meets stringent industry standards to ensure the utmost protection against several potential health risks. TrustShield™ medical fabrics provide impervious viral (AAMI level 4) protection, have low lint, are durable for easier converting and are puncture and tear resistant.

TrustShield™Laser.  Laser-resistant surgical fabric that passes ISO 11810:2015 with primary ignition at 98% oxygen.

TrustShield™Chemo.  Personal protective apparel fabric with chemical and barrier protection against the most potent chemotherapy drugs including Carmustine (passes ASTM D6978).

TrustShield™ Absorbent.  Highly absorbent fabric ideal for high risk, fluid intense surgeries.


TrustShield™ fabrics deliver ultimate protection, comfort and performance.



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