Bread bag and pastry wrapping paper

Bread bag and pastry wrapping paper

Ecofriendly alternatives to replace plastic bags, plastic windows or wrappers
Good transparency or on the contrary opacity even after waxing
Grease-resistant versions available for stain-free wrappers
Suitable for printing, lamination or waxing
Bread bag and pastry wrapping paper
Whether used as bread bags or pastry wrappers, our range of papers spans from transparent to opaque versions for a superior natural brand positioning.

Made of natural fibers, renewable and recyclable, our paper-based solutions for bread packaging or pastry wrapping are safe materials for direct contact with food, making them perfect plastic-free food packaging alternatives.

Play the transparency card

By nature, paper creates a unique emotional experience and distinctive brand perception. Combining the natural power of paper with a touch of transparency gives you a serious edge when it comes to whetting appetites.

Bread bags or pastry wrappers made with our transparent paper give you a powerful sustainable advantage. Ranging from the outstanding transparent Cristal TM papers range to the subtle transluctent CristallineTM solutions, we have various transparency levels available to fit exactly your needs. Thanks to its unique smoothness, very good printability results and nice glossiness, our transparent papers are ideal plastic-free alternatives for a disctinctive consumer experience and enhanced shelf-appeal. The range is OK compost HOME and OK compost INDUSTRIAL certified, making it idea an ideal plastic-free packaging alternative with strong sustainable credentials.

Or on the contrary, bring opacity

If on the contrary, you want to keep what’s inside as a surprise, you‘ll find in our range the appropriate opaque papers. Rocalonde™ 200 stays opaque even after waxing making it the preferred paper-based solution for wrapping sliced loaf sandwich bread. The gloss of our Rocal™ 300 PO and its excellent folding properties make displays mouthwatering and eye-catching at the point of sales.

Grease-resistant wrapping papers

At Ahlstrom-Munksjö, we’ve got an incredibly wide range of solutions to help keep food well protected and maintain its appeal. If you are looking for an appetizing wrap that stays stain-free until serving, our range of grease-resistant Coralpack™ papers will be the ideal material for pastry wrapping. Coralpack™ paper range offers high grease resistance, wet strength, good printability and excellent smoothness. Coralpack™ products are OK compost HOME and OK compost INDUSTRIAL certified. 

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