Pre-impregnated decor papers

Pre-impregnated decor papers

Pre-impregnated foil base papers in white, colors and black
A formaldehyde-free paper concept
M-FOIL-PN the universal clean & green paper generation
M-THIN-MV for inside/backside coverage
Pre-impregnated decor papers
Ahlstrom-Munksjö pre-impregnated foil base papers are suitable for furniture, doors, separation walls, ceilings and wall paneling. They feature good printability, a high internal bond level, consistent quality and a wide range of colors.

For finish foil applications with medium demand for scratch and wear resistance, we offer environmentally friendly pre-impregnated papers that offer characteristics, such as: outstanding internal bonding, immediate gluability, formaldehyde-free paper concept, and great printability and flatness properties.

M-FOIL-PN catalogue proposes a range of high quality formaldehyde-free pre-Impregnated paper solutions to address the most demanding finish foil processing and applications.

M-THIN-MV collection is made of 4 solid color low basis weight pre-impregnated papers for finish foil applications which are not exposed to extreme surface wear, such as inside and backside of drawers, cupboards or wall and ceiling panels.


Pre-impregnated decor paper, the slimmest and most sustainable process for coating wood-based materials?

A presentation by Dennis Adis, Key Account Manager Sales & Technical Customer Service Ahlstrom-Munksjö Decor Solutions

On 21 – 22 September the Surface in Motion conference was held in Mainz, Germany. We were pleased to support this event and contribute with a lecture to this forum for the decorative surfaces industry.

Pre-impregnated decor paper, developed in the early 1980s as an alternative to post-impregnated products and PVC film, has developed within a short time from a complementary product to a sought-after alternative for coating wood-based materials. But what added value does pre-impregnated decor paper offer today? How efficient is it and what contribution does it make to a more sustainable end product?

Optionally printed with environmentally friendly inks, always coated, e.g. with solvent- and formaldehyde-free lacquers, it is the basis for so-called finish foils, which can be found on many furniture or interior design elements. Pre-impregnated decor paper is bonded to wood-based materials in a low-energy and emission-free finishing process. Films based on pre-impregnated paper enable new shapes and diverse applications in the wood-based materials and furniture industry. Finish foil surfaces are available in different variants - from low-cost to high-quality and very resistant - to meet the respective requirements. Ahlstrom-Munksjö provides product solutions for established processing methods, but also innovations and technical support for new processing possibilities, more sustainable solutions and competitive end products.


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