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C / Why is abrasive paper base sensitive to humidity ?

After months spent getting your latest abrasive just right, you send off an urgent shipment to Scandinavia, braving the cold and all…and then wham, out of the blue, the customer calls you to say that he's disappointed and the product is too brittle.

Or maybe your sales team have landed a new contract in Asia? And you discover that your first delivery arrived in the middle of the monsoon season - with the edges of the abrasives all curled up.

An external factor like the climate (temperature, humidity) will have consequences for the perceived quality of your abrasive papers.


Made mainly by cellulose, an abrasive paper backing is a material that reacts to the temperature and hygrometry conditions of its environment like most of the papers. An this living material will impact the stability of your sandpaper.


If you want to know:

  • Why does cellulose react with water and heat: exactly what phenomenon is at work here?
  • What parameters in the abrasive conversion process - but also in the end use - can have an impact on curl?
  • How can you limit its effects and improve dimensional stability?

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We explain  humidity measurement tools in this training:

D / Curling and cupping, what is the difference ?
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