Flat and smooth Tape backing

Flat and smooth Tape backing

Flat and smooth Tape backing
A flat and smooth paper, great for heavy duty masking, sandblasting, and arts and crafts jobs.
  • Flat and smooth to create perfectly sharp paint lines
  • Unique high tensile strength properties
  • Zero elongation
  • Excellent surface for printing

Ahlstrom-Munksjö's Mastertape™ Flatback is a flat and smooth paper that offers unique high tensile properties, allowing for perfectly sharp paint lines. Mastertape™ Flatback is the best choice for creating fine lines and masking tape for the glass industry.


  • Glass industry
  •  Sandblasting
  • Arts and crafts

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Product GSM %age elongation Plant Description
Classic 39-70 10-60% China, Asia, France, Europe High quality creped paper with great conformability
Flatback 40-80 2-9% China, Asia, France, Europe Ultra-soft and smooth paper with high tensile properties
Smartline 35-60 8-14% China, Asia, France, Europe Very smooth creped paper, max 14% elongation, designed for a sharpest paint line
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