RFID prelaminated inlay release material

RFID prelaminated inlay release material

Revolutionary release materials for prelaminated inlay lamination
Optimize the lamination process
Improve the quality of the prelaminated inlay
Eco-friendly fiber-based solution
RFID prelaminated inlay release material
Optilam™ is an antistatic release material used during the lamination process of RFID prelaminated inlays, optimizing the process and improving the final quality of the inlay. This technology is a smart and sustainable alternative to plastic release films.
  • Antistatic cellulose-based composite technology
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Superior chip protection
  • Inlay surfacing improved
  • Clean and natural, no loose fiber
  • Cost-efficient release material

A prelaminated inlay (or prelam) contains the precious chip and antenna of a smart card and thus is highly sensitive to the performance of the release material used during the lamination process.

Release materials play a key protecting role by preventing the adhesion of RFID inlay layers between themselves as well as perfectly protecting them from high pressure and high temperature exerted during the lamination process for a superior final inlay quality.

Based on the unique technical characteristics of genuine vegetable parchment, Optilam is a breakthrough release material with unique antistatic properties. During the lamination, Optilam  naturally avoids the generation of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), for high protection of the chip. It is also safer for the operators.

This cellulose-based composite offers very high temperature and pressure resistance to perfectly withstand the lamination process. Optilam also delivers outstanding release properties, making the lay-up easier, keeping the laminates and metal plate surfaces clean and undamaged, and enabling an easy peel off after lamination.

 In addition, Optilam™ has the unique ability to bring a surface structuring enabling a superior inlay quality. Totally clean with no loose fiber, it avoids any risk of contamination of the inlay. 

Optilam thickness is perfectly adapted to the multiple layers structure required in the lamination presses. 

To know more about our parchment solutions for RFID smart card, contact us at process.materials@ahlstrom-munksjo.com

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