Microwave popcorn packaging papers
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Microwave popcorn packaging papers

Microwave popcorn packaging papers
Do you love home-made popcorn? To make sure every popcorn moment is special, we’ve developed a special paper, adapted for microwave popcorn bags. Coralpack™ 200 offers grease and microwave heat-resistance, and is the ideal paper for tasty microwave popcorn.

Available in white and unbleached, Coralpack™ 200 has excellent grease resistance to prevent stains on packaging and can withstand high temperatures. To make sure that the corn pops in the bag and not in the microwave we’ve made sure that it also has high gluing aptitude.

Last but not least, our good printability is appreciated by brand owners. You’ll be happy too, when you recognize your preferred brand as it almost jumps out from the shelf.


Key benefits

  • Excellent grease resistance for appetizing stain-free packaging, even after microwave heating
  • Excellent microwave heat resistance. Packaging stays undamaged during the microwave heating process and popping of the corn
  • Our new generation of grease resistant papers are PFOA-free 
  • Trouble-free runs on high-speed bag-making machines with no annoying time losses, to benefit converters


For more information, please contact graphics.packaging@ahlstrom-munksjo.com

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