Yogurt lid and bundlewrap packaging papers

Sweets, chocolate and snack packaging paper

Sweets, chocolate and snack packaging paper
High performance twisting, wrapping and folding papers specially developed for sustainable sweets, chocolate and snack packaging.
  • Trouble-free twisting or folding runs on high speed packing machines
  • Superior lamination and waxing performance
  • Excellent printability and high gloss
  • Grease resistance for appetizing stain-free packaging
  • Unique touch & feel for a sustainable positioning

Brands have an almost unlimited variety of sweets, chocolates or snacks on the market to please consumers. So do we for your packaging. For applications, including folded or twisted sweet wrappers, chocolate or snack packaging, the Ahlstrom-Munksjö range of calendered, coated papers or grease-resistant papers has an answer for every of your need.

Extreme twist retention for candy wrappers easy to open

Our Rocalonde™ grades run trouble-free on high-speed twisting machines. They resist the extreme constraints that are exerted and they have supreme twist retention so that sweets always open easily when you want them to – with no annoying rustle!

Some Ahlstrom-Munksjö papers are opaque, even after waxing, to keep the surprise of discovering the sweet until the very last moment. Others, like Gerbier™ HDS for chewing gum packs, can be so incredibly glossy they almost jump out from the shelves.

Chocolate of any size or shape is packed to perfection

From the wrapping of chocolate tablets and crimped cups for chocolate bouchées, to cushion pads or sachets for filled chocolates, our packaging papers make chocolate irresistible. Translucent or opaque, traditional or super-glossy, in white, in black or brown, or whatever your brand needs to stand out, our papers excite expectations.
Not matter how your chocolate needs to be protected the Ahlstrom-Munksjö range has the answer, from light Coral 400 Black™ papers of 40 g/m² to heavyweight Gerstar HC™ of 100 g/m².

Grease-resistant papers for impactful snack packaging

With its impactful shelf presence, excellent inherent grease/oil resistance and renewable properties, our Delicitera® Confectionery and Snack Papers drive food packaging differentiation in today’s marketplace. We can help you create a customized solution combining an array of visual, functional and sustainable benefits to set your snack food packaging apart.

Let us know your project and we’ll find the most appropriate paper solution to best fit your need food@ahlstrom-munksjo.com.


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