Fruits and vegetable wrapping papers

Fruits and vegetable wrapping papers

High smoothness for excellent printing results
Wide range of colors
can protect from sunlight or let sunshine through
Wet strength for impeccable presentation
Fruits and vegetable wrapping papers
From protecting grapes in vineyards, to chicory trays or fruit and vegetable wrappers, Ahlstrom-Munksjö papers offer supreme protective wrapping.

Perishable products demand outstanding protection. Ahlstrom-Munksjö papers for fruit and vegetables are not only perfect for bag making and folding, they can even offer the complete opposite characteristics. Some of our papers can protect from sunlight, while others let the sunshine through.

Our transparent Cristal™ 401 papers for peach bags on the tree let sunlight in for natural ripening, while keeping insects out. Our deep blue or deep green paper for chicory trays shields contents from light, while their high wet strength keeps contents fresh and moist.

What about other fruit and vegetables? Could they look even more beautiful if wrapped in a splendid yellow, blue, red or orange paper? There are no limits to what we can do with your imagination.


Key benefits

  • High smoothness for excellent printing results with brand logos, recipes or conservation recommendations

  • Wide range of colors that can protect from sunlight or let sunshine through, while enhancing the presentation of fruit and vegetables

  • Wet strength for impeccable presentation of fresh produce


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