Biscuit packaging papers

Biscuit packaging papers

Sustainable solutions for biscuits bags or packaging that stay impeccable
Paper-based materials for outer wrappers or protective inner corrugating medium
Various grease resistance versions for stain-free packaging
Excellent gloss and printability for stunning outer bags
Biscuit packaging papers
Trouble-free sustainable packaging papers dedicated to efficient grease-resistant inner liners and impeccable outer wrapping of biscuits packaging.

When you open a biscuit pack what matters is that what you get inside looks and tastes as good as promised on the outer wrap. From glossy to grease-resistant packaging papers, our paper range of solutions for wrappers and inner liners make sure that what you see outside is what you always find intact inside.

For the outer wrapping of biscuit packaging, we recommend our glossy one-side coated packaging papers Gerstar™ HDS, Gerstar™ 604 or Gervalux™ papers. They have excellent gloss and printability to tempt the taste buds right from the shelf.

Available with a variety of grease levels, our range of grease-resistant papers Coralpack™ 100 is ideal for corrugating to protect contents from shocks. For delicious biscuits that may be very greasy, we recommend Coralpack™ 100 KIT NFA 8 or KIT NFA 11 to completely protect contents from unsightly grease stains on the outer layer. They run perfectly well on corrugated lines, which ensure the protection of the contents from shocks.

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