Jugendprojekt „Connect Berwickshire“

Workshops and training
To provide employability skills
Jugendprojekt „Connect Berwickshire“
Connect Berwickshire Youth Project is a community-based organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place.

The donation given is to used to deliver a series of workshops and training at the two main high schools local to Chirnside. The workshops will be aimed at providing employability skills for young people about to enter the job market.

Connect Berwickshire Youth Project is an independent community-based organization open to all and focused on youth development and employability in the local community across the whole of Berwickshire including the main towns where we draw most of our employees from (Chirnside, Duns, Eyemouth, Coldstream, Coldingham and the surrounding area). The organization works with kids aged from 5-18, often from disadvantaged backgrounds or having complex needs, many of whom have become disengaged from mainstream education.

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