Spray & Up - wall decoration
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Spray & Up - wall decoration

Simple installation for wall decoration

Experience a totally new generation of pre-pasted wall décor media

Our PVC-free, HP-qualified and digital printable materials eliminate the need for conventional wallcover paste.

  • Simply spray the wall with water, then apply directly
  • Quick, easy and clean

Spray & Up delivers flat and 3D textures - all with a luxurious and textile-like touch.

Benefits for printers:

  • Patent-pending adhesive system helps you deliver an amazing decorating experience for end users
  • Unique structures and fibrous finishes
  • HP-qualified media
  • Extensive range of widths - customized  for HP machines
  • PVC-free product
  • All fibres are from sustainably managed forests

Spray and Up

Benefits for end users:

  • Pre-coated with adhesive
  • No need for paste - just spray water
  • Application time reduced by 60%
  • Easy to apply, align and re-position
  • Faster clean-up time
  • On the wall performance equivalent to conventional wallcover products
  • When it’s time for a change, the material can be simply removed from the wall in one piece

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