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Trinitex® Advance

Trinitex® Advance is an ingredient technology, platform product, designed to “Purify Air” for Industrial Filtration applications.

Trinitex Advance

From this platform, a family of products will be built over time, delivering defined customer benefits in different market sectors. 

Trinitex® Advance W3000 

Trinitex® W3000 is the first product on the Trinitex® Advance platform, designed to purify air industrial applications.

Trinitex Advance W3000

The first market for product introduction is Gas Turbine filtration, where Trinitex® Advance W3000 will be launched as a unique offering for pulse jet applications:

Delivering Pure Air for Power, Trinitex® Advance W3000  has the ability to combine E10 efficiencies, whilst delivering highest protection of the gas turbine in all demanding environmental conditions.

Customer benefits:

  • Higher particulate removal efficiency –reducing corrosion and delivering better protection of the turbine against dust particles and salt
  • Higher efficiency at equivalent level of pressure drop – helping to maximize output and minimize energy consumption
  • Better performance in humid environments preventing liquid water ingress through filters – reducing penetration of waterborne salts and limiting pressure drop peaks during conditions of high humidity
  • Better media durability and extended pulse jet cleaning properties – delivering longer filter lifetime in demanding environmental conditions

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