Management Team


The CEO of Ahlstrom-Munksjö is appointed by the Board. The CEO is in charge of the day-to-day management of the company. The duties of the CEO are governed primarily by the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and the CEO instruction, and the CEO leads the operational activities and prepares information and decisions to support the Board and presents his/her findings at Board meetings. In accordance with the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, the CEO has a right to decide himself on certain urgent matters which otherwise would have required a board decision. 

Management Team

The Management Team consists of the CEO, functional managers and business area managers. The members of the Management Team are proposed by the CEO and appointed by the Board. The members of the Management Team report to the CEO. 

The CEO, CFO and functional leaders meet with the business area leaders and other business area management monthly to discuss the business areas’ performance and financial status. In addition, the Management Team meets to discuss issues concerning group performance, strategy, budget, forecasting, business development and other matters relating to the group. In accordance with the policies and guidelines established by the Board, group functions are responsible for business development, distribution of financial resources between the group’s operations, capital structure and risk management. Their duties also include matters concerning group-wide research and development, acquisitions and disposals, purchasing coordination, consolidated financial reporting, Human Resources, internal and external communications, IT, legal matters and coordination and monitoring of safety, environment, sustainability, occupational health and quality, and some major projects.

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