Water filtration

Water filtration
Water is one of the most vital elements for human life. Today, far too many people around the world have limited access to clean drinking water.

According to UNICEF, 663 million people do not have access to improved water sources and over 800 children die every day due to diseases related to contaminated water, lack of sanitation and hygiene. This is a particularly worrying fact that clearly demonstrates the tangible need for effective filtering solutions.

Disruptor® technology is one important tool for improving water quality and, above all, making it safe to drink. The Disruptor® is an innovative nonwoven, chemical free, filtration media. Thanks to its naturally occurring electropositive charge, submicron particles, bacteria, viruses and inorganic contaminants can be removed from water. This virtually eliminates the threat presented by waterborne illnesses and creates several new application opportunities across the entire spectrum of water filtration.

We partnered with Aalto University in Finland on a project aimed at providing water purification solutions in Tanzania, a country where over 22 million people do not currently have access to safe drinking water. In Tanzania, most of the population relies on groundwater as the major source of drinking water, even if it’s not always clean or safe to consume.  Charcoal or other biomass-based fuels are widely used to meet energy needs for boiling water and removing pathogens and contaminants, resulting in higher expenses and serious health risks related to indoor air pollution. Disruptor® could represent a valuable alternative to boiling water, creating a more affordable, faster and more environmental friendly solution, while offering access to clean water to communities in need.

Disruptor® can be included in water bottles and other lightweight, hand-held and on-the-go filtration devices intended for outdoor recreational use. It can also be part of compact portable water filtration products specifically designed for survival and tactical uses, ideal to support individuals, families and communities in case of emergency.

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