Employee Well-Being

At Ahlstrom-Munksjö, we believe in creating safe and inclusive work environments where our over 6,000 employees can thrive.

We are focused on three dimensions of Employee Well-Being: Health & Safety, Employee Development, and Gender Equality. Learn more about our work in each of these areas in our Annual and Sustainability Report

Health & Safety

Safety is our mindset throughout our operations at Ahlstrom-Munksjö. We work towards a zero accident workplace by setting ambitious targets for continuous improvement, developing consistent safety practices and competencies at every level, and creating a culture of responsibility and accountability for all employees, contractors, and visitors at our production sites. Achieving results in this area is a fundamental value for Ahlstrom-Munksjö and ensures we are supporting a healthy, productive team whose contributions are essential to company success.

To meet our Health & Safety goals, we focus on preventative activities, behaviour-based safety interactions, safety inspections and auditing, and tailored safety training to ensure a safe working environment.

Health & Safety Targets
  • We believe zero accidents is possible and we are committed to pursuing a Total Recordable Incidents rate of zero

  • Near Miss Rate higher than 2.9 by end of year 2018

  • On average, at least 15 hours of tailored safety training per employee each year by end of year 2018

Employee Development

Ahlstrom-Munksjö values diversity, empowering our people, and encouraging personal growth and opportunities. We are committed to be an organization that never stops learning and supports all the competencies, knowledge, skills, experiences and behaviors embodied in our team that are critical to our future success.

To meet our Employee Development goals, we are working to ensure all employees have had an annual performance and development discussion with their manager and are initiating an employee engagement survey.

Employee Development

Employee Development Targets
  • All employees have had an annual performance and development discussion with their manager by end of year 2020
  • Employee Engagement Index and Leadership Index baseline defined by end of year 2018 through a common Employee Engagement Survey

Gender Equality

In addition to preventing discrimination based on gender in accordance with our Human Rights activities, Ahlstrom-Munksjö is working to proactively ensure we are providing equal opportunities and drawing on talent across the population.

We are developing goals to pursue continuous improvement in this area. Our ambition is to always have applicants of the underrepresented gender among the final candidates in both internal and external recruitments and ultimately close any gender gaps in our company.

Gender Equality

Gender Equality Targets
  • By end of year 2018, short- and long-term gender targets defined and implementation of action plan for closing the gender gap begun
  • Achieve gender representation in managerial roles at least proportional to the ratio of the total workforce by end of year 2020
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