Be the Change Campaign

Be the Change Initiative provides an opportunity for all of us to better “walk the talk” when it comes to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. This initiative guides and encourages our employees to make sustainable choices at work and at home.

Why Be the Change?

Originating from the UN, the Be the Change is an initiative to lead our behavior and choices to be more sustainable and to get closer to achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Ahlstrom-Munksjö is a participant of the UN Global Compact, and we believe that it is not enough to work towards the SDGs as a company, but we also want to give our employees an opportunity to engage and to support our employees to live a more sustainable everyday life. This will both promote our employees' wellbeing and ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

Change starts from small things

We believe that employee wellbeing can be improved by stimulating each employee to question their role in achieving a more sustainable everyday life. We want our people to consider the simple actions they can take in their daily lives to "walk the talk" when it comes to sustainability. We also believe that by personally adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we will move closer to achieving them as a company.

Our Be the Change campaign is built up of SDG related theme days during the year and a dedicated week at the end of the year. All Ahlstrom-Munksjö sites focus on the same theme days and SDGs, but each site may choose how the theme days are carried out to ensure that the differences between us are appreciated.

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"Sustainability is a broad concept covering the whole value chain and extending beyond our company.

With Be the Change campaign, our people can take responsibility for making the change at their local communities and their own lives."

-Heli Nykänen, Manager, Group Sustainability and Capital Investments


November 2-20

Be the Change Week 2020


Be the Change week in 2020 takes place over the weeks of 45 to 47 at our global sites. The week focuses on five SDGs.

Read more about SDG's
September 22

Car free day

Car free day focuses on promoting alternative modes of transportation to combat climate change and encourage employees' activeness.

September 19

World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day brings people together to clean up the planet.

June 22-26

Wellbeing Week

Wellbeing week focuses on physical wellbeing, nutrition, mental wellbeing, sharing and caring. 

Article: Employee wellbeing drives employee engagement and business success
June 5

World Environment Day

Encouraging worldwide action to protect the environment​.

May 15

Bike to Work Day

Bike to work to improve wellbeing and reduce environmental impacts.

March 20

World Water Day

World Water Day advocates the importance of fresh water. 

Article: Reducing freshwater use and impacts to biodiversity at Unterkochen paper mill, Germany
March 18

Global Recycling Day

Promote the importance of recycling to preserve earth's resources.

Article: Recycling fiber-based food packaging in Europe


Our global team participating in Be the Change theme days

33 sites in 16 different countries

“Be the Change campaigns have been instrumental in enabling us to learn more deeply about the SDGs, how necessary they are and, most importantly, how we can contribute and be part of the change, often in a simple way, with small behavior changes - but which have a significant impact. I am very proud to be a part of this.”

-Adraiana Cattelani, Communications Specialist, Brazil

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"Our Be the Change campaign has given me an opportunity to “connect” with our colleagues across the globe and learn about the positive impact they are making on sustainability in their communities. In sharing these events, we help to inspire each other to engage as well."

-Sheila Widule, Business Development Manager, USA

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