Health and safety

At Ahlstrom-Munksjö, we believe that zero accidents are possible.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö businesses are related to operating with paper, fiber and pulp processes and working in circumstances where considerable health, safety and environmental risks are always present. The company’s operations require therefore an excellent performance in safeguarding health, safety, and environmental related issues. This needs to be reflected in a systematic and efficient health and safety management process.

Health and safety is an essential part of our business ethics. This policy sets out the minimum requirements and expectations for health and safety leadership and accountability. By continuously setting targets to improve, developing consistencies and managing complacencies, we will build a strong safety culture that will increase the health and safety accountability globally for all employees, contractors and visitors.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy describes the principles that direct the way we shall conduct all our activities to ensure we provide a safe working environment for everyone. These requirements shall be used together with existing local and national legal requirements, and local instructions. 

Our targets and commitments are:

  1.  To achieve zero lost-time accidents through our systems of preventative activities, such as near-miss reporting, behavior-based safety interactions, safety inspections, annual auditing, and tailored safety training.
  2. That all production facilities shall be certified with OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety management system; that they comply with this policy, standards, guidelines, safety rules, life-saving rules and also review these annually.
  3. To incorporate health and safety as an essential part of our local activities and operations with the support of a safety expert network organization coordinated by your local Health and Safety Manager.
  4. To ensure that all employees, contractors and visitors understand that they are responsible for their own safety and the safety of all others by their actions in the area they are working in.  


This Group Policy is supported by the corporate auditing and risk management process, which together with local site-specific health, safety and risk assessment policies, will constitute that the systems are vital in achieving the highest level of health and safety within our production and office environments.

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