Heatsealable teabags

Flat and smooth Tape backing

Flat and smooth to create perfectly sharp paint lines
Unique high tensile strength properties
Zero elongation
Excellent surface for printing
Flat and smooth Tape backing
A flat and smooth paper, great for heavy duty masking, sandblasting, and arts and crafts jobs.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö's Mastertape™ Flatback is a flat and smooth paper that offers unique high tensile properties, allowing for perfectly sharp paint lines. Mastertape™ Flatback is the best choice for creating fine lines and masking tape for the glass industry.


  • Glass industry
  •  Sandblasting
  • Arts and crafts
Product GSM %age elongation Plant Description
Classic 39-70 10-60% China, Asia, France, Europe High quality creped paper with great conformability
Flatback 40-80 2-9% China, Asia, France, Europe Ultra-soft and smooth paper with high tensile properties
Smartline 35-60 8-14% China, Asia, France, Europe Very smooth creped paper, max 14% elongation, designed for a sharpest paint line
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