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Pigmented high opacity thin print paper ideally suited for multicolor printing

Pigmented high opacity thin print paper ideally suited for multicolor printing
elementa® PREMIER Bluish White is a pigmented thin print paper ideally suited to multicolor printing applications including inserts, outserts, leaflets, religious literature, multicolored catalogues, mail shots, directories, legal publishing and encyclopedias. With a Bulk of 1,15-1,2 it´s thinner, with additional opacity, compared to elementa® Basic/Classic.
  • Optimized surface for best printing results
  • High quality thin print paper with a low Bulk of 1,15 – 1,2
  • High opacity compared with excellent sheet formation

elementa® PREMIER has excellent opacity whilst having an enhanced surface and sheet formation  for high quality printing. It´s pigmented surface allows for excellent multicolor printing results without compromising on bulk, in contrast to coated papers. The shade of elementa® PREMIER makes for comfortable reading as it is easy on the eye. This paper has excellent press runnability and its pigmented surface controls ink penetration whilst giving good ink hold out when printing either web or sheet-fed offset.

The key characteristics of Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s thin print papers are high opacity, excellent printability and foldability, as well as resistance and long-term durability. As a result of our continuous product and manufacturing development and improvement, Ahlstrom-Munksjö is one of the market’s leading suppliers for leaflet printing. elementa® opaque is produced at the German Dettingen mill and available on demand with FSC® Mix sources certification.

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