LabSorb™ Surface protection paper

Transparent Packaging

Eco-friendly alternative to replace plastic bags, pouches, windows and/or wrappers
Various levels of transparency to fit your needs
Multiple converting options & end uses; suitable for printing, lamination or waxing
Smoothness and high gloss for a unique touch & feel
Transparent Packaging
Cristal™ can be used to create sustainable window-packaging, containers or sachets to create an all-paper packaging solution

Cristal™ is a flexible transparent paper with various levels of transparency as an alternative to plastic films which can be used in an array of converting platforms to create window-packaging or sachets to create an all-paper packaging solution.

A branding advantage

Transparent windows or packaging made with our Cristal™ transparent paper give you a powerful sustainable advantage. Ranging from outstanding transparency to subtly translucent solutions, we have various transparency levels available to fit your needs.

A wide variety of converting options

Cristal™ is suitable for printing, lamination, gluing, coating or waxing.

Used as sachets, bags, or paper windows, Cristal™ transparent papers can be used in many industries including Ecommerce, Health and Hygiene, Food or office supplies with applications such as envelop windows...the sky is the limit!


  • 100% fiber based
  • Excellent transparency level
  • Paper look: unique touch and feel
  • Recyclable (EN13430)
  • Home and industrial compostability certified (EN13432)

Find out more about our CristalTM technology here

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