Glassine release papers

Glassine release papers

Acti-V® patented technology
Less catalyst required
Faster curing
Stronger and more stable anchorage
Glassine release papers
Based on patented technology, Acti-V® supercalendered release papers for silicone coating play an active role in the silicone curing and anchorage process.

A complete range of products delivering efficiency and reliability in all release liner needs for PSA labeling, specialty tape, medical, industrial and composites applications:


Acti-V® is available in substances from 50 to 140 gsm, and in seven different colors. Acti-V® industrial versions are suitable for silicone coating on both sides. Main applications include PSA label-stock laminates, tape, medical, industrial materials and components.


All papers can be ordered with FSC® or PEFC™ certification.


Acti-V unique benefits:



Main application of the liner

Release Paper properties



•Paper and non-paper PSA label rolls for primary Labelling of food, beverages, consumer and durable products.
•Roll VIP Labelling
•High smoothness
•Optimized density
•High calliper consistency
•High transparency for photo-cell detection

Acti-V® XB White


•Paper and non-paper PSA label rolls for primary Labelling of food, beverages, consumer and durable products.
•Highest functional and aesthetical requirements.
•Extra barrier for excellent coverage
•Optimized density and smoothness
•Highly controlled cleanliness


Acti-™ Light


•Speciality application PSA label rolls such as portable price labellers, supermarket scales, corrective tapes.
•Roll VIP Labelling
•Low basis weight/thickness
•High transparency
•High caliper consistency


Acti-V®  Industrial 2S


•Single or double-sided adhesive tapes for household and industrial use.
•Insulating and soundproofing fabrics, other self-adhesive materials and components for use in automotive, construction, electronic industries.
•Carriers and interleaves
•Treated for silicone coating on one or both sides
•High mechanical strength suitable for heavy-duty applications
•High internal bond to withstand high tack of adhesive
•Tear resistance adapted to specific needs
•High lay-flat
•High cleanliness
•High density

Acti-V®  Industrial 2S


•Process carriers during the impregnation of composite materials.
•Liners of pre-impregnated fibre composite for application in the final products.
•Supercalendered release paper for silicone coating on both sides.
•Guarantees maximum and durable silicone anchorage.
• Extremely low silicone extractible.
•High thickness consistency.
•High mechanical strength.
•High temperature resistance.
•High cleanliness.
•Very high density.
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