Reinforced thermoplastic composites (RTC)

We manufacture reinforced thermoplastic composites (RTC)
We use glass, aramid, carbon and natural fibers for our products
Reinforcements can be used in marine, transportation and building markets
Reinforced thermoplastic composites (RTC)
RTC is ideal for interior panels as well as semi-structural parts.

 Key product features

  • The manufacturing method is based on unique non-woven technology
  • Materials manufactured according to this process display superior reinforcement distribution as well as good mechanical performance
  • RTC comprises randomly orientated fibers and a thermoplastic matrix – PP and glass fibers are as standard RTC. The process enables also to use natural, carbon, and basalt fibers as well as other matrices.
  • Fibers are chemically coupled with the matrix providing an excellent bond
  • RTC manufacturing process also provides the possibility of producing multi‑layered constructions
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