Food packaging papers

Pastry wrapping papers

Pastry wrapping papers
Whether used as bags, wrappers or doilies for cakes, we have the appropriate wrapping material to pack, wrap and protect all kinds of pastries. If you want to see what’s inside, choose the transparency of Cristal™. If, on the contrary you want to keep what’s inside as a surprise, wrap it in an opaque Rocal™ 300 PO.

Whatever you put in your cake, pie, quiche or tart, we have the ideal wrapping material. Specific properties include: outstanding grease resistance, high porosity, wet strength, good printability and excellent smoothness.

Converters particularly appreciate the trouble-free runs on high-speed bag making machines, impeccable die-cutting for attractive doilies, and the excellent folding properties of Ahlstrom-Munksjö Coral 350 PO and Rocal 300 PO.

Our excellent folding properties guarantee that fresh pastry is protected until consumption and wrapping keeps folds maintained until final unfolding.

Key benefits

  • Gloss for enhanced product appearance
  • Grease resistance for appetizing stain-free wrapping until serving
  • Transparency for easy product identification or opacity to keep the surprise until the last moment of unwrapping


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