Lateral flow sample pads

Baking and steaming papers for industrial users

Grease and heat resistant for impeccable performance
Release properties for easy removal of the stickiest items from baking trays and pans
White or unbleached color options
Baking and steaming papers for industrial users
We offer a range of genuine vegetable parchment and natural grease proof pan liners for industrial usage.

Our range of industrial grade baking and steaming papers withstand temperatures of up to 220°C and are suitable for industrial usage and for ready to bake rolled dough (refrigerated or frozen aisle)and dough cans.



  • Genuine Vegetable parchment technology, especially good when resistance to humidity is needed
  • For industrial dumpling processes, our papers guarantee that your product won’t stick to the line and will be perfectly steamed
  • The inherent baking performance of our papers is revealed when the consumer uses it in their oven



  • Food release, water holdout, grease resistance for all baking applications 



  • Offering grease-resistance and strength for vacuum packaged, frozen/thaw, and precooked applications
  • Prepera® is suitable bacon layout, meat and cheese interleave, and meat wrap



  • Two-side siliconized natural greaseproof paper adapted to most industrial uses
  • 35 gsm version to be even more sustainable


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