Soups and sauces packaging papers

Soups and sauces packaging papers

Soups and sauces packaging papers
Appealing packaging for dried soups, sauces, desserts and stock cubes needs special glossy paper to meet the toughest demands for grease resistance, heat-resistant coating, efficient converting properties and to ensure total content protection.

Our high-gloss papers offer excellent printability to ensure your brand stands out on supermarket shelves. Gerstar™ HDS reveals the most subtle tones of color. Impeccable lamination performance and heat-resistant coating ensure total content protection. Stock cubes wrapped in Coralpack™ 200, treated for excellent grease resistance, will stay intact until use.

For pouches or sachets, Ahlstrom-Munksjö Gerbier™ HDS 35 g/m² is the lowest basis weight on the market, enabling more sustainable packaging with high performance. Last but not least, converters will appreciate the excellent lamination performance of our three recommended papers for soups, sauces and stock cube packaging.

Key benefits

  • Excellent grease resistance for soups and sauces sachets to stay stain-free
  • Excellent gloss for great shelf appeal
  • Excellent printability for high-end results with any color combination and graphic designs
  • Prevention of blistering during further converting
  • Heat-resistant coating to prevent damage to print during the heat-sealing process
  • Outstanding mechanical properties for efficient, trouble-free converting

 End-use applications

  • Dehydrated soup and sauce pouches
  • Stock cube wrappers

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