Bread packaging papers

Bread packaging papers

Bread packaging papers
Different breads – different needs. We offer solutions for complete bags, bag windows, sliced loaf bread bags, and sliced sandwich bread bags. The Ahlstrom-Munksjö range spans from outstandingly transparent to opaque versions for clearly superior bread packaging in every aspect.

Our Cristal Evolution™ paper offers ultimate transparency. It is directly printable, and of course recyclable and compostable. Thin, light and breathable, it keeps all kinds of breads fresh and flavorful: baguettes; round, bloomers and rectangular loaves of any size; rolls and sandwiches; and other bakery products.

You can use it to create a complete bag or combine it with other papers to create a transparent section or window. For specific requirements, Cristal Evolution™ can be coated, laminated or waxed.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Rocalonde™ 200 stays opaque even after waxing and is the preferred paper-based solution for wrapping sliced loaf sandwich bread.

Whatever paper you chose for your needs from our range, all our papers run perfectly on high-speed bread bag machines.


Key benefits

  • Excellent printability and gloss for great shelf appeal, for bags that create high impact product appearance and boost sales, whatever your choice of color combination or graphic design 
  • Outstanding transparency or opacity, even after waxing, to attract shoppers' attention
  • White or unbleached for product differentiation that's appropriate for a classical (white or yellow) or traditional (unbleached) look


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