The magic of colors

The magic of colors

Colors are omnipresent in our environment. Colors are a crucial element in the creation of any kind of laminate product and play an important role when it comes to creating and designing our living spaces.

Colors influence our mood and create emotional reactions and feelings. For example, they can have a stimulating or soothing effect. Every color has its own meaning and effect on people. Regardless of whether color combinations are kept tone-in-tone or rich in contrast, or whether color is used as an eye-catcher in a more subdued setting, colors are always an expression of personality and individuality.

"What is your favorite color?" is often asked: A (simple) answer such as red, blue or yellow is sometimes too simple, considering the countless color nuances and shades that exist.

In our color archive we have more than 10,000 different recipes for solid color decor papers to choose from. In case your favorite color doesn’t exist yet, we will exactly color match it specifically for you.      

What is your favorite color?



Our Services

Trend research

We actively conduct trend research in cooperation with a leading edge design studio. In our comprehensive trend analysis we also consider trends from other industries, such as home textile, home decoration or fashion.  This allows us to detect and compile the latest color trends for interior design, which influence paper-based laminates, and launch our annual solid color trend collection. 

Individual counseling

We are very pleased to be able to share with our customers our color trend reports and our trend collections.
With our design studio we are also offering on demand customized design services to support customers in the creation of their new color collection or the refreshment of their existing collection. We are also available for individual and personalized creative exchanges and collaboration regarding current and future color trend projects.

The Range

This collection offers a wide selection of more than 200 standard solid colors comprising the best-selling and most essential colors for meeting the laminate and wood panel market requirements.

Color matching

Highly skilled color experts in our color laboratories develop the best possible match for your specific color request and/or are able to formulate unique color creations aligned with any technical constraints presented.



Our Strengths

  • A portfolio of more than 10,000 colors suitable for HPL and LPL applications.
  • A standard portfolio of more than 200 colors for interior HPL & LPL applications, but also paper solutions for outdoor applications and interior compact laminates.
  • Flexibility in production with 7 paper machines across 5 plants specialized in the production of solid color decor paper, with 4 machines entirely dedicated to intense colors.
  • An experienced Technical Customer Service team with a deep technical expertise to help find the perfect solution for the impregnation and lamination process, post-forming, runnability, and more.
  • Highly skilled color experts and state of the art laboratory equipment, to provide the most suitable solution in terms of technical requirements and the sustainable use of raw materials and pigments.
  • An R&D Center with modern analysis and troubleshooting equipment to drive innovations and develop sustainable solid color paper solutions.




Interested in more color inspiration?   Check out our 'color your life' campaign:

Color your life



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