Papers for high pressure laminates

Papers for high pressure laminates

Decor papers white and solid color for HPL / CPL
Intense and bright colors
Heavy weight papers (white & intense colors) for interior compact laminates
Digital printing papers for UV ink systems for HPL / CPL process
Papers for high pressure laminates
Our decor papers for high pressure lamination are specialized for surfaces with highest demands on wear and tear.

Our decor papers for HPL and CPL feature aesthetic surfaces, high color consistency and post forming capabilities with excellent durability for demanding applications.

Typical applications include worktops, water resistant panels, and furniture for receptions or laboratories, window sills or outdoor cladding.

Our decor papers for HPL/CPL are available in a wide range of white and solid colors. They offer important characteristics, such as high color consistency and good light-fastness. They have excellent impregnation properties and post forming ability to make the perfect solution for decorative surfaces.



Decor paper is a surface material which contributes to an aesthetic rendering of the end product. The surface color is the most visible part of a laminate. Ahlstrom-Munksjö is well known for its professional expertise in colors as well as the creation of regularly new solid color trend collections, a source of color inspiration, compatible with both HPL and LPL transformation processes.

Discover the magic of colors


THE RANGE 3, a standard solid color offer

Brought together in the same catalogue, the BEST and the COLLECTION offers will enable impregnators, laminators, wood panel producers as well as designers and architects to find the colors indispensable for creating collections and decor combinations. 

The BEST provides a selection of 20 solid colors that are best-sellers in the HPL and LPL industries.
The COLLECTION provides a wide selection of 192 solid colors, from the purest white to the most intense red, including an extensive choice of beiges and greys as well as pastels, pure black and the brightest yellows.

These colors, which are perfectly suited to the HPL and LPL industries, meet market requirements including kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture in general.


100% COLOR

A range of 18 colors made of heavy weight decor papers for HPL interior compact laminates used in furnishing applications such as countertops, tabletops, worktops, backsplashes, shelves and doors.



A digital decor paper solution specifically designed for digital printing using UV based ink-processes

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