Palettera® Colored Papers

A/ Tips for handling and processing the abrasive paper backing rolls without incident

Handling a roll is a very delicate operation: during this stage, knocks can damage the first turns of a roll and make it unusable later on.
  • What are the most appropriate machinery to avoid damaging the rolls ?
  • How to change the position to lying position ?
  • What are the basic rules to store paper ?
  • How to protect the roll once the packaging has been opened ?
  • What are the optimal storage conditions ? How to install the rolls on the maker ?

Lots of you regularly ask us these questions.


👉 If you want to know the precautionary measures which can be taken before starting the maker to ensure smooth running of the backing. This expertise coffee break is for you.


Get now tips from unloading to maker loading to run the rolls without incident


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