Tea bag envelope papers

Gypsum joint tape backing papers

Consistent and uniform converting performance
Superior lay-up bond development
Controlled and consistent dimensional stability
Excellent sanding characteristics
Gypsum joint tape backing papers
Gypsum Joint Tape papers provide outstanding performance with all taping methods and equipment types to reinforces wall and ceiling joints for optimal finishing and to prevent cracking.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers gypsum joint tape backings meeting ASTM C475 standards for Type I or Type II papers after converting. In addition we develop customized products to meet individual customer or regional preferences. Adhera® Gypsum Joint Tape backing is known for the following characteristics that maximize performance:

  • Outstanding wet strength
  • High tensile strength
  • Reinforces wall and ceiling joints to prevent cracking
  • Suitable for corner laminations and gummed tape applications
  • Customized products to specific customer needs
  • Outstanding and  consistent performance with all taping methods, and equipment types: Bazooka, Banjo, Hand
Product  For Conversion To:  Caliper
(mils) (microns)
Joint Tape – Standard ASTM C475 – Type I 8.6 218
Joint Tape – Heavy ASTM C475 – Type II 10 254
Joint Tape – Light N/A 7.7 178
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