Syringe filters (ReliaPrep™)
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Syringe filters (ReliaPrep™)

Syringe filters (ReliaPrep™)

ReliaPrep™ Syringe Filters are available in several different membranes and sizes to accommodate a variety of sample matrices for demanding sample preparation and microfiltration applications, such as:


  • Sample clarification/particulate removal
  • Filtration of solvents used for chromatography applications
  • Filtration of biological samples, tissue cultures, proteins and nucleic acids
  • Sterile filtration and venting


Our syringe filters are offered in a wide variety of membranes, pore sizes, diameters and connections.


  • High lot-to-lot reliability and reproducibility for consistent filtration quality
  • Ultra-pure production facility in Germany according to the highest quality standards
  • Sterile packaging available for CA and PES ReliaPrep™
  • Transparent syringe filter housing for full visual control
  • High quality housing construction and welding to prevent any leaking


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