Sticky notes papers

Sticky notes papers

Sticky notes papers
Sticky notes are a common feature of how we organize our lives and work. The variety of colors available helps to attract attention on shop shelves. From pastels to vivid colors, our wide range of colored Ahlstrom-Munksjö Velin™ papers offer high quality materials for the production of adhesive notes and page makers.

With up to 30 colors available, Velin™ is a calendered paper specifically designed to produce repositionable pads with consistency, in terms of size and color, allowing perfect production every time.

The Velin™ range has a special surface treatment to guarantee a good glue coating during conversion. On top of that, our colorings are chosen with special care to avoid bleeding during the converting process. 


Key benefits

  • No curling to guarantee a flat pad
  • Constant thickness to ensure a constant pad size for a good packaging line
  • Color consistency to guarantee uniformed color in pads
  • Softness to deliver an enjoyable handwriting experience
  • Smoothness and surface treatment to help chemical processes during converting
  • Up to 30 colors of shade available

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