Reliance® crepe paper

Reliance® crepe paper

Best in Class bacterial barrier
Helps to prevent wet-packs
Cost-effective wrapping solution
Reliance® crepe paper
Crepe paper for sterilization wrap, tray liner and overwrap made with more than 97% of cellulosic fibers and wet strength agents. This technology has excellent barrier properties with moisture absorption capacity.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Reliance® crepe paper creates the best-in-class tortuous path for excellent sterility maintenance and bacterial barrier.

It is available in Standard version, with an offline micrexing process, or Sensitive, softer with improved drapeability.

Reliance® crepe paper meets all requirements for safe and reliable wrapping, combining excellent sterility maintenance and bacterial barrier. The different colors and basis weights can accommodate diverse sterile barrier systems (SBS) requirements.

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