Surgical drapes fabric

Surgical drapes fabric

Viral protection
Fluid repellent
Surgical drapes fabric
Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers an extensive range of surgical drapes that offer protection and performance.

Super quality surgical drapes

Our surgical drapes are made from single-use nonwovens and are widely preferred to conventional linen as they provide a microbiological barrier and are an important part of the fight against Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI).

In the operating room, the success of a surgery is a combination of several factors. Choosing the right material for a surgical drape is one of them. Fabric barrier and strength are key requirements for surgical drapes, yet other properties, such as drapeability and linting, must be taken into account to protect the patient and not interfere with the surgery process.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers a wide range of single-use medical fabrics designed to deliver the highest levels of protection and meet all the requirements of surgical drape applications. Our unique portfolio of technologies offers a variety of materials ranging from film-based laminates to SMS and wetlaid nonwovens. Our drape materials are available in a range of compositions, weights and colors, and their properties can be tailored to match specific performance requirements.

Key benefits

  • Absorbent to ensure a cleaner operating room floor in high fluid surgeries
  • Repellent to avoid fluid penetration in low fluid surgeries
  • Impervious – a total barrier to bacteria and viruses
  • High strength to avoid punctures and tears 
  • Compliant with EN 13795
  • Flexible for a diverse range of draping needs
  • Easy to handle
  • Low lint
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