Lateral flow plasma separation pads

Lateral flow plasma separation pads

Consistent and rapid lateral separation of whole blood
Available in different thicknesses to accommodate range of whole blood sample volumes and test cartr
Faster blood absorption in HV and HV Plus yields higher volumes of plasma
Customized sheet, rolls and specialty die cut sizes
Lateral flow plasma separation pads
CytoSep® single layer plasma separation media consisting of high purity natural and synthetic fibers for whole blood diagnosis

Ahlstrom-Munksjö CytoSep® is widely used for rapid separation of plasma from whole blood samples in lateral flow applications, retaining blood cells while allowing serum to flow rapidly.

The untreated media contains no chemical interfering substances and shows no significant binding of plasma components.

The newest CytoSep® products, HV and HV Plus chemically treated, are designed to separate increased volumes of whole blood within the same area of media and for the prevention of hemolysis.

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