Pharmacy packaging papers

Pharmacy packaging papers

Pharmacy packaging papers
Ahlstrom-Munksjö packaging materials offer distinctive functionalities for different applications e.g. sachets, pouches or blisters. We appreciate that for most products there is always an essential practical job to be done, such as enabling easy identification of pills in a transparent pouch for the patient, to make blisters child-proof etc.

Clarity is all-important in pouches for pills. Thanks to our transparent Cristal paper, pharmacists and patients can immediately identify which pills are in their pouch. This feature is particularly appreciated by medical professionals in Asia. The pouches are suitable for both automated and manual dispensing machines.

When foil laminated sachets are closed by heat-sealing at 250°C, the heat can damage the coating. Our Gerstar HDS and Gerbier HDS papers have a special coating to withstand the heat. In addition, their excellent printability helps end-users to easily identify different medications.

For pouches or sachets, our Gerbier HDS 35 g/m² is the lowest basis weight on the market, enabling more sustainable packaging, while maintaining high performance during lamination, printing and converting.


Key benefits

  • Dust free for hygienic packaging
  • Prevention of blistering during further converting
  • Excellent printability and high gloss for high-impact packaging. Whatever your color combinations and graphic designs, your product will be noticed at pharmacists and in domestic medicine cabinets
  • Heat-resistant coating to prevent damage of the print during the heat-sealing process
  • High mechanical properties for trouble-free and efficient converting
  • Transparency for easy product identification


End-use applications 

  • Retail pouches for pills
  • Child-proof blisters for pills
  • Powder sachets for pills


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